Upgrading Your Vanity to Fit Two Small Bathroom Sinks

Adding function in your bathrooms is as easy as switching out a one sink vanity to accommodate two small bathroom sinks instead. Typically a vanity only needs a new countertop in order to accommodate more sinks. The countertop does not have to be expensive. You can easily create a new countertop for your vanity with cheap materials like tile and concrete. Tiles and concrete can be installed onto a piece of treated wood. Openings for the sinks will need to be created on the wood but other than that, the fix is quick and easy especially if you are handy and creative. Bathroom sinks come in all kinds of materials including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and even metals like aluminum and copper. Glass bathroom sinks are probably the most unique and elegant because of their beautiful finish and combination of natural colors.

When you switch out your single sink for a double sink vanity you will also need to add additional plumbing and faucets. Bathroom sink faucets come in a wide array of styles, sizes, materials, and finishes. Choose a set that will work best with the style of sink you have chosen. Some sinks require a specific style of bathroom sink faucet to work so make sure you have all of the right pieces before making your final purchase. When installing any new bathroom sink you must follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure that you create a tight and safe mount. Vessels may seem easy to install but in reality they are probably the most difficult especially if you are installing two bowl sinks. The two holes will need to be identical and properly spaced from the center of the vanity in order to ensure that the sinks are floating in the same manner.

The location of your existing vanity is crucial in deciding if you can add a second sink especially if both sinks are going to ever be used simultaneously. For instance, the location of the sinks cannot place a person in the way of a door, shower stall, toilet, or tub because it will only reduce the function within your small bathroom. The idea is to create more function and convenience so sometimes a double sink vanity is not a good idea especially if you have a tiny bathroom.