Is Energy Efficient a Factor for House Buyers

As the home market grows, window traders and producers are seeing a continuing desire for energy-efficient products in their clients. In actuality, a recent report from the National Association of Home Builders says that a whopping 84 percent of millennials, who are currently going into the housing market, are prepared to cover 2 to 3 percent greater to get an energy-efficient residence, so long as they visit a return on their electricity bills.

To remain relevant with the characteristics that today’s buyers need, traders should think about the following when integrating energy-efficient products into your company.

Obligations: EnergyStar has high customer brand recognition and taps into buyers’ requirements for efficient products which can save money with time, but don’t cost more upfront. Also look to goods which are Home Innovation National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certified. Third-party certified windows may make houses more palatable for contractors.

Triple pane, low-emissivity windows: In Ply Gem, we are seeing more of an adoption of triple pane windows using solar controller low-e glass from the southeastern United States. Homeowners need more glass area to attract more light into dark regions such as tall ceilings, but they are worried about solar heat gain.

Holistic approach: Builders frequently drive the choices on products that are cultured. Most are choosing a holistic approach and combining windows, HVAC and other methods to offer the ideal balance for energy efficiency. Educate clients on the way the insulation factors of windows operate in tandem with the remainder of the house.

What exactly are you seeing in relation to the requirement for energy efficient products? How are you addressing the tendency in your small business?