About Us

Over the years and through many renovation and construction projects, We have assembled a good deal of knowledge on different types of basic home repair, construction, real estate, renovation, etc. We are putting this site together for the average homeowner that wants to perform home repair and renovation work for themselves, rather than hire an outside contractor.

By performing your own renovation, you have control over the final product, can save hundreds or thousands of dollars, and can have a great sense of satisfaction when you see your work completed! Performing renovation work or even simple home fixes by yourself can give you a new sense of confidence and allow you to look at your home in a whole new way. We have continually adding new projects, so bookmark the site and come back often! The purpose of this site is to try and offer some of the advice we’ve learned over the years. We hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to take a look around and visit to see the latest projects, advice, or information I have posted. We will also periodically post new projects.

We constantly keeps the highest standards and quality of workmanship in the forefront of his mind. We pride on staying up-to-date on the latest materials and building techniques.

Our customers enjoy working directly with us. There is no out-side sales force to pay, which means a big savings for you! In addition, Our crews do all of the work.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.